What We Offer

In addition to the outstanding talents we can bring to our communities, this valuable group of individuals are assets in the following areas:

  • Value Engineering
  • Scheduling
  • Budgets
  • Purchasing and Administrative tasks


Confidentiality is first and foremost among our Association Members. Please remember if we do not handle ourselves in a confidential manner, we jeopardize our Association Members and our lead generators. This could result in a loss of participation in the Association and an even worse scenario could result in the lead generator being penalized by his/her own company. Information obtained through the Association is to be kept confidential and conversations relating to prospective leads must only be discussed with other members of the Association.

The members of the Association rely on each persons integrity. Members are relied upon to take personal entrepreneurships with any lead they receive through the SCTA. If you are a member you must have decision making responsibility and influence within your company and must make the decision in a timely fashion. Your actions reflect on the Association as a whole, and not a trade individually.

Safety is paramount in our Association. Unsafe behavior not only jeopardizes the individual performing the work, it also reflects on associated trades and the Association as a whole. Cleanliness is also important. The Association members should provide a safe, clean and quality experience for the project.

Extreme caution should be exercised when discussing leads with individuals outside of the Association, including suppliers and manufacturers. This information could be detrimental to our Association or lead generators.