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SCTA 2024 Membership Application

Annual Membership fee is $600.00 per company for the first category and $300 for a second category. Membership it is not prorated, and annual renewal is DUE by the January meeting.
Name of the company representative who would be attending SCTA events and will be speaking on behalf of the company.
Provide Two References / Provide Name, Company, Phone Number and Email



Members are accepted in the organization as the only representative of a particular trade or business category. Members should represent their primary professional focus. Members are expected to be engaged in the SCTA Chapter by participating with regular attendance at all events, bringing qualified leads, and providing referrals. Members that wish to change their category must submit a new membership application for approval.


Confidentiality is first and foremost the utmost importance among our Association Members. Extreme caution should be exercised when discussing leads with individuals outside of the Association, including suppliers and manufacturers. We do not wish to jeopardize, in any manner, our Association and/or lead generators.

***Information obtained through the SCTA is to be kept confidential and conversations relating to prospective leads must only be discussed with other members of SCTA.***

The members of this Association rely on each person’s integrity. Members are relied upon to take personal ownership with any lead they receive through the SCTA. As a member you have read and understand the CODE OF CONDUCT. You must have the authority within your company to ensure decisions and responses are made in a timely manner. Your actions are a reflection on the Southern California Trades Association as a whole.

  • Your attendance to the monthly meetings, special events, and annual builder event are expected as part of each company’s membership. However, we recognize situations occur and allow each company the opportunity to have another representative from its company to take your place when necessary.
  • A member is allowed two absences on a yearly basis. A third absence in a calendar year will open-up the member’s category and allow the membership category to be filled by another company.
  • Visitors attending meetings from the same company are allowed and encouraged.
  • Members must contact the Membership Committee if they want to bring a guest. All guests need to be vetted for conflicts before they come to a meeting.

Members must arrive on time and stay for the entire published meeting time.

Should this Code of Conduct not be adhered to by an Association Member, the Association’s Board of Officers has the authority to ask the member to resign from the Association. In the event a member is asked to resign that member agrees to keep confidential any information obtained through the Southern California Trades Association

I __________________________, a representative of______________________________, agree by signing 1this document that you have read and agree to the Southern California Trades Association Code of Conduct.